Over the years, I continue to encounter people who are leaders in their own right because they choose to give back to society from the fruits of their hard work. Combined with my faith, other leaders have motivated me to help others, who, by no fault of their own are enduring significant hardship and heartbreak. Hence, my commitment to donate $1.00 from the sale of each candle to Operation Smile.

Many children all over the world are unfortunately born with a cleft upper palate that severely threatens their ability to eat and drink. This also adds an emotional scar on them as this breaks  their confidence. Their situation also brings distress to their devoted parents whose only wish for their children is to have a bright future. 

For approximately $240.00, Operation Smile can restore the child’s Cleft Palate to near normal. Such negligible amount can actually be a blessing to many others. I have seen this misfortune in my own family, but thousands of other families do not have the means to afford a corrective surgery. 

Through the generosity of the donors and the dedication of many doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers, these corrective surgeries were conducted and continued to change the lives of many children with Cleft Palate. The donations are able to cover for the supplies and related costs of the surgery and of course, it brings new hope for the families. 

I pledge to keep my website updated with the number of candles sold so everyone will be able to see the impact when they purchase a Gems Crystal Moonlit Candle.

Anyone wishing to participate on their own can click on the link https://secure.operationsmile.ca or visit Operation Smile’s website for more information.

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