About the Owner

I am Gemma Reid. I was born and raised in the Visayan Islands of the Philippines. I came to Canada with the hope of new opportunities because of the freedom and prosperity here that would allow for a bright future for my young daughter. After obtaining steady employment and working hard for other business and trying a few marketing offers, I developed a love for beautiful fragrant candles.

After undertaking hours and hours of online training around fall of 2020, I started slowly by purchasing some equipment and with using various things from my own kitchen, I began creating candles to my high expectations. I have created all these candles with my own desire and made them with my  own hands and put my own heart into each and everyone. These little works of art give me the vision to bring joy in the form of gifts, scent and candlelight to the people around the world.

Candles are one of my favorite things. I simply love the lasting fragrance when they are lit. It is a beautiful way to give your lovely home a subtle boost of a warm and pleasant scent. I believe in my creativeness and joy of doing the things I love and having fun sharing and creating new simple things that will make people inspire more. Creativity takes a lot of courage. In our world now, we are trying to move forward, opening new doors and doing new things. With my creativeness, and passion with candles, I believe this will lead me to a new path which is a path of light. The light is the truth that spark of joy, happiness, love, and the unchanging state of internal peace. We each have our own light. So, no matter what challenges might arise, we must step into the light and move forward. So, I hope you will enjoy the simple version of my candle creations.


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